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Karaoke Secrets Revealed – We Are Here to Demystify the World (of karaoke)!

It’s Us!

about songbirdkaraokeAre you ready to have our karaoke secrets revealed? Let’s go!

We’re Michael and Ronnie. The owners of Songbird Karaoke. We started this business two years ago. Well, it launched two years ago, we actually started three years ago. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into making this a fun experience that provides not only a good value for the money but a good value for your life.

We originally told our story when we first opened but we wanted to take this opportunity to get reacquainted. Michael lived in Japan many years ago and in 2016 he took us there to show us why he loved it. We had an amazing trip.

One of the many things we did while we were there was sing karaoke in a “box”, which is how they refer to it there. I thought I would hate it but I actually LOVED it. It was so much fun. When we returned to Collingswood, we wanted to go out and sing more karaoke, in a private suite, of course because nobody needs to hear me sing except my family and close friends, lol.

We really couldn’t find any places where we could bring the whole family. Most were parts of bars or restaurants that had limited time when children could be present. We were so bummed. So bummed that we decided we should open our own place. And the journey began from there.

It’s Where?

We found the old Masonic Lodge was for sale. It was in really terrible condition. You can see some before and after shots in this older post and this older post and this older post. We wanted to have a boutique hotel vibe that was clean and inviting. From all of the feedback, we think we achieved that feeling.

It’s Important!

Are you ready for another important karaoke secret to be revealed…can you guess? The music! Of course! We searched for the best karaoke provider we could find and we believe we found it with the healsonic offering. Our iPad is so easy to use and you can even select your favorite songs whenever you like and upload them to the system when you arrive.

Since Collingswood is BYOB, we are too! You can bring your own beer and wine. We don’t allow outside food (except for celebration cake/cupcakes/dessert) because we’ve partnered with a few local restaurants. When you get here, you order what you like from us, and we bring it right to you!

We did experience a recent setback with COVID-19, just like most everyone else. We do feel fortunate that we are still able to operate and didn’t experience a fatal blow with this pandemic. We are working to keep everything clean and everyone safe.

It’s Time!

Songbird Karaoke is a great experience! You can come in with just your family and friends or have huge blow out events, like milestone birthdays, sweet 16 parties, bridal events, bachelorette parties, even corporate team building! We are so proud of what we’ve built here and hope you are able to join us for an amazing experience!

There you go, all our karaoke secrets revealed. Well, maybe not ALL! We hope this has demystified the world of Songbird Karaoke. If you have more questions, let us know!

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