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There are so many great things about karaoke but one of the most important is the music, the actual song selection. At Songbird Karaoke, we have over 38,000 songs in our database!

Everything from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift and everything in between. We even offer an additional 18,000+ songs in Spanish, 11,000+ songs in Korean with lots of K-Pop, and 2,000+ Hindi songs with a focus on Bollywood. We also have access to YouTube so if you can’t find it in our database there’s yet another place for you to check! You want to sing it, we’ve got it!

Want to check it out? No problem.

Go to the app store and download the healsonic app. It’s FREE! You can get it for your iPhone or Android.

Once you download it, you can sign up and check out all the songs. It’s super easy to use. You can search by song title or artist name. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our Categories or Throwback areas for some help. Even better, you can favorite the ones you like best. Then when you come in to Songbird Karaoke you can upload those favorites to the system in your suite and start singing immediately!

So awesome, right?

Go check it out and if you have any questions, let us know!

Healsonic App

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