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What better way to increase team spirit, camaraderie, focus, and fun the with corporate karaoke team building?

Your team will be four bazillion times more productive after an event at Songbird Karaoke (results not guaranteed). We not only have corporate karaoke team building exercises and space for a team party or happy hour, but we can also handle all your meeting needs including audiovisual, breakout session space and the privacy you need to get both work and fun accomplished.

Here are some corporate karaoke team options that we can do for you:

Interactive Idol
In this two-hour program, your team (up to 70) interacts at a whole new level. One of our organizers assists with the entire event by dividing the group into teams and explaining rules. Teams then retreat to one of our smaller private suites to practice. They develop a team name, a team logo, and an ‘act’ which must include all members singing at least once and dancing to choreographed moves.

Teams present their act to the whole group on stage. Judges decide on winners based on the above items. This event is a fun time for even the most hesitant team members. You will create memories and bonding that last forever!

Pricing starts at: $600


Incredible Full-Day Immersion
With this program, you can start in our large meeting space, which comfortably seats up to 40 or more with multiple screens for viewing, a stage and screen for presenters, and a modern sound system. With access to six breakout suites for small groups of up to 8, as well as two additional suites for teams up to 16 people, you can accomplish tons of work before the fun begins.

After all your hard work, the group can enjoy all the fun karaoke has to offer! We also have catering menus from five different local restaurants to assure your team has whatever they need and of course, great coffee and beverage options to go with it. Here are some of the features of the full-day offering:

  • Access (from 9am-5pm) to the large room (seating for 40) that is equipped for large presentations.
  • Access (from 9am-3pm) to 3 midsize rooms for smaller presentations, that comfortably fit up to 16 people.
  • Access (from 9am-5pm) to 4 smaller rooms for breakout meetings, that comfortably fit up to 6 people.
  • A Team Building Sing-Off, run by a Songbird Karaoke employee designed to bring teams together.
  • Morning coffee service included
  • Access to Songbird’s catering menus from local restaurants (ability to choose food options in advanced).
  • Access to Songbird’s snack and drink menus throughout the day.

Pricing starts at: $2,000


Micro-Team Debut
Have a smaller team or just not ready to get EVERYONE together? We have a fun experience for your team of 16 or less. In this program, we split the group into beginners, intermediate, and advanced singers. Based on the numbers and skill level, participants are split up and select a song to sing. Everyone participates and is ready to enjoy even more fun with the remaining time enjoying the karaoke experience.

Pricing starts at: $250


On-site Experience
We can bring the karaoke to your office. Based on your needs we can stay and run the show OR we can drop off the set-up, explain it all, and leave you to it. We want you to have the best experience – so whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Pricing starts at: $200


You can create your own thing, if you’d like! We’re here to help…just give us a call or send us an email. Let’s create the best team event E-VER!

Pricing determined on need.

If you are interested in a corporate karaoke experience, have questions, need more information, or want to reserve your epic team building event, just give us a call 856-869-7464 or send us an email to

We look forward to giving you the BEST team building experience e-ver!

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