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Are you ready to have an amazing date night, fun with your family (yes, it can be done), the coolest bachelorette party, or really just the best night ever? Then let’s do it.

Come in to Songbird Karaoke and sing your heart out. You don’t have to be good. If you’ve ever belted out a tune in your car then you’re going to love singing karaoke in your own private suite. It’s the same thing except you don’t have to worry about that person in the other car at the red light staring at you.

Singing is good for your soul and singing karaoke with your favorite people is even better!

  • If you’re a small group from 2-6 people, you’ll want to book one of our small private suites.
  • If you’re a larger group 7-16 people, you’ll want to book one of our midsize private suites.
  • If you’re really blowing it out with a group of 17-60 people, you’ll want to book our large suite.

If you are considering the midsize or large suite, consider booking the party option booking. It might help to put your event over the top (and really, who doesn’t want that?).

We offer snacks and beverages for sale at our reception desk. We also offer in-suite menus. We partner with three local restaurants. You order from us and we bring it right to your suite. So easy and delicious!

Please don’t bring outside food.

You don’t need to with our great in-house options and we don’t allow it.

You can bring your own wine or beer though! Also, if you’re celebrating an event, we do allow for celebration cakes/cupcakes.

We also have a black light/glow option. That costs a little extra money but is totally worth it for a night that will have you glowing for days!

So, let’s do it! Book your fun now using the Book Now button in the top right corner of the website!

And to get you super excited, here are some pictures of what the suites are like.

You can sing in one of six small suites. The rooms below will accommodate 2-6 singers.

Cantata Suite

Cadence Suite

Legato Suite

Rhythm Suite

Serenade Suite

Virtuoso Suite

You can sing in a midsize suite. The rooms below will accommodate 7-16 singers.

Forte Suite

Harmony Suite

You can sing in our large party suite, which can accommodate up to 60 singers.

Symphony Suite

Need Suite Time?

Ready to book your own private suite? Find a time and day that works for your schedule.


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