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If you are looking for the best kids karaoke party ever, STOP! You've found it!

At Songbird Karaoke, we want the whole birthday group to have an amazing time!

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best kids karaoke party in New Jersey!

A Songbird Karaoke party is like no other! By the time the group leaves, they’ll be planning their next trip back. Upon arrival, we’ll check in the birthday person of honor. Then whisk them away to their own private kids karaoke suite! As other guests arrive, they are welcomed and directed to the incredible suite.
Sparkle Karaoke Theme

Sparkle Karaoke
Kids Karaoke Theme

Vibrant Karaoke Theme

Vibrant Karaoke
Kids Karaoke Theme

Glow Karaoke Theme

Glow Karaoke
Kids Karaoke Theme

Pretty Karaoke
Kids Karaoke Theme


The first thing you’ll notice in the kids’ karaoke suite is the amazing decorations. Each suite is decorated according to the theme selected by the birthday honoree, choices include, SPARKLE, VIBRANT, PRETTY, GLOW, and more! You can’t choose wrong!

Snack Time

While inside the kids karaoke suite, everyone will enjoy buckets of pretzels and popcorn along with bowls of mini candies and tootsie pops. Not only that but they also have soda and pitchers of filtered water.

Need More Food?

If you think that’s not enough, you can order pizzas to fill their tummies too or for even more, check out our full menus for additional food choices. Click here for the in-suite menu and here for the full catering menu.

Party Host

We normally have available a dedicated party host to stay with the kids during the party. They help search for songs, set up the queue, and keep everything running smoothly! With the new COVID-19 environment, we may no longer be able to accommodate this service. However, if you are interested, let’s discuss options.

Time to Sing

Now let the real fun begin! They can sing and dance until their heart’s content.

You can head to the app store and download the healsonic app. There you will find our full database of songs. We have over 35,000 songs so if you’re looking for the latest pop songs, the greatest musicals, or even just the good ol’ classics, we’ve got it ALL! You can even favorite the ones you want to sing the most! When you arrive, we can upload all those songs directly to your suite’s karaoke system.


Of course, you can bring in your own celebration cake or cupcakes but we have candles, a lighter, and cake cutter so no need to worry about any of that!

Kids Karaoke Party New Jersey
Kids Karaoke Party Collingswood, NJ

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