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More Before Pictures!

So in our last post, we introduced you to the building with a few before shots. It’s a really big building (about 5,000 square feet on the bottom floor and half that on the second floor). Those pictures in the first post were only the beginning. Here are a few more…

This is the outside of the room used as a library and the inside. I love this because of the detail they put into it. The day/night painting above, I’m sure has some significance. Also, the entry doors are flanked by glass windows. It looks as if they wanted it to be its own separate building. Of course, the black and white floor is cool. In the whole building, the most care was given to this room. As a lover of books, I can appreciate that!

If you are in the library, there is another doorway that leads to this area. Um, not much care was given to this room. I think they used it as an office. You can see the small sign by the fire extinguisher, it says “Men Only.” That is something I don’t love. And, what’s behind that doorway that so uber secret, not much!

This weird bathroom that they removed the toilet from and a closet.

It also has a super spooky entry hole that goes up through the ceiling. Why? I don’t know! Here’s something neat though…

Look at this patchwork on the wall. You can tell they did something or removed something here. I can’t wait to get to the demo phase and see what’s behind there! And you see that doorway, in the picture above? If you go through that doorway, you will find this…

I’m sure you can’t tell by this picture but it is an old entry from the side of the building. Do you see that light fixture at the top of the arched door? Amazing. They just left it all intact. The cinderblock wall that you see through the doorway is the wall of the building next door. When they built their addition, they just took it right in front of the doorway. Unbelievable, right?

Just to show you everything, there are currently men’s and women’s bathrooms. I included them mainly because they are going to be completely different from what they are now! We wanted to have a super cool unisex bathroom area with individual rooms that use one general sink area. That, unfortunately, is NOT allowed in New Jersey! I know, can you believe? So that idea is out but it will still be fun, within the legal permits of what we are allowed to do.

To further show how much work there is, this is one area of the building. Tons of water damage that needs to be repaired. Remember this when you are wondering why it’s taking us so long to open!

Okay, so that is it for now. What do you think??

There is still more. I’m saving that for another post but here is a sneak peek!

Until next time!!

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PS – Michael hates this picture!! But, I love it so I’m still using it 🙂

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