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Before Shots!

790 Haddon AVeDon’t you love seeing before and after shots of any type of makeover? We do! Home renovations, weight loss, hairstyle changes, we think all of it is cool.

In an effort to keep this project cool, we thought it would be fun to show you a bunch of the before shots. What the place looks like now. Of course, we don’t have the after pictures yet, but we can take you through all the phases.

Totally fun, right? And cool? We think so!

The building is huge and in an effort not to break your internet connection, we’re going to post the shots in phases.

This first shot is as soon as you open that green door.

This is when you first walk through the double green doors and look to your right. If you walk through that doorway, you’ll see this:

That’s the front window that looks onto Haddon Ave. You can see the DePace Sports Museum across the street. And if you walk a little further through the next doorway, here’s your view:

This area leads to a set of stairs with a chairlift!

Yes, we’ve tried it and no, we’re not keeping it (no matter how fun people think it would be)! The upstairs won’t be part of the business.

Going back to those green front doors, if you open the doors and look directly in front of you, this is your view:

It’s so dirty and does not smell nice. Be thankful the internet doesn’t have the ability for smell (yet). Here are a few closer shots going down that long hall.

They did leave us a push-button telephone. You can see it there on the floor if you zoom in.

This black area held photos of all the past members of the Mason club. It was pretty cool.

This is a close-up of some of the paneling. Don’t get used to it. All of that is coming down!

So there’s the first before shots. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

There’s more to see too. Our next post will feature even more before pictures! Until then…

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