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Plan the Perfect Kid’s Party!

Are you ready to plan the PERFECT kid’s party?

We’ve talked about food at your party, alcohol at your party, treats at your party (thanks @foodiefestkit) but NOW we’re talking about planning the perfect kid’s party!!

Let’s break it down.

  • 1. How many kids are attending?
    Let’s first figure out about how many people will be attending. You don’t need the exact count but you do need to know if you’re having a small soiree or a blowout blast. That will help you determine location, cost, and so much more!

  • 2. What do the kids generally like to do?
    Next, what do your kid and their friends like to do? If you’ve got a full-on video-only crowd, then going to the trampoline park might not be the most fun party for them. So, let’s think about their interests and what they would consider most fun. From there we can search for the perfect party place.

  • 3. Will there be chaperones involved?
    This is an important question because it plays into the amount of space you’ll need for your guests, even if it’s just a house party. You will also need to consider this in your activity and food decisions. Do you need to have a few adult snacks? What are those grown-ups going to do while the kids are having fun – are they involved or are there specific things the grown-ups are participating in? This answer will also help with our next question.

  • 4. What’s the transportation situation?
    How are the kids getting to and from your party? Now, lots of times this question doesn’t matter if the parents are coming and staying – then you’ve got no worries. Also, you can just leave it up to the other kids’ parents to decide how to get their kid there. However, it is sometimes nice to be able to arrange transportation to the party place, especially if it’s not at your house or very close by your general area.

  • 5. What food and drinks will you serve?
    Are you going to have food at this shindig? It’s a pretty good idea when kids are involved to feed them in some way, and don’t forget about the drinks. Keep in mind food allergies and food preferences. It’s usually best to go with crowd pleasers in these circumstances and always remember to have water on hand to drink – not all kids love soda. Finally, don’t forget the cake! Okay, doesn’t have to be cake but some type of celebration dessert is in order. At least stick some candles in a bowl of fruit!

  • 6. How do you see the party progressing?
    This area is critical! What is the agenda for this party – what are the kids doing for the 2 hours they are at the event? Quick side story, when one of my sons was little, we had a sports-theme party at our home. I had about 12 games lined up for them to play. My agenda had that lasting for over an hour. The boys were done ALL the games in about 20 minutes! I was freaking out, lol. My advice, free play at a house party works great! One of the many good points about having a party NOT in your home is that usually the agenda is taken care of for you by the actual activity at the venue.

  • 7. Are you doing favors?
    Little gift bags for the kids as they leave. This tradition seems to be going out of style but it is something to consider. Do you want to give your guests a little take-away and do you want it related to your party theme/idea.

Okay, there is your get started party planning list for your next kid’s party! Now, don’t forget that the ABSOLUTE PERFECT PLACE for your next kid’s party is at (you guessed it) SONGBIRD KARAOKE!

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