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Guarantee the Most Memorable Milestone Party

Milestone party? It’s all the rage right now!

Of course, first birthday celebrations complete with a cake-smashing and photo ops are everywhere. That’s not all though. Other milestones are hitting it big time. Huge parties for making it through a decade are becoming mandatory. And, don’t forget about Sweet 16 and 25, 75, and 100 are just as critical!

There’s a lot of pressure to plan the perfect event. Whether you’re planning for someone else (ugh, the pressure) or yourself (you, go!) here are a few ways be to sure you make it special.


What is your budget? You need to figure this out first. Things can get out of hand really quickly and if you’re not sure how much you can spend, the price tag seems to multiply even faster.


Decide on the date of your event. You probably want to have it as close to the actual date as possible. But, if it’s a surprise, you might want to consider a date not so close to throw off the honoree. Knowing your date first is also helpful in picking the venue. Some places won’t be available so it helps in narrowing down your selection. Unless of course, you have your heart set on the location then you’ll have to figure your date around that! With that being said, let’s move on to…


Where are you going to host this event? Now, you might think I’m just going to say come to Songbird Karaoke! You’re right! LOL, just kidding. It’s important to think this through. Do you want to do something at home? That’s great. Remember though there is a lot of preparation and clean up involved. If this is a surprise, I wouldn’t suggest having it at the honoree’s house without them knowing. You’ll totally surprise them but in a shocked and mortified way – not the look you’re going for. If you’re hosting it outside of your home then consider the entire party and what you want to achieve. Small or large venue? Entertainment on site? Multiple locations (think dinner then an activity)? Visit the location and check to be sure it meets what your vision of the party actually is.


What food are you serving and what are people drinking? Once you decide that, you need to know how much. So many decisions, right? Here’s a couple of articles that might help you out!


Most interesting quote, “Guests will always eat — and drink — more at night than during the day.”


Okay, now you’ve got the basics down. You’re set. Not quite. You need a WOW factor. What is setting your party apart from all the other birthday parties? Remember, this is a milestone party. You want to make it memorable for your party-goers but especially for the guest of honor! There are a number of ways to do this. Maybe have each guest provide a unique memory they’ve experienced with the person? Or how about some fabulous decorations? Or maybe a signature cocktail named after the birthday person? Or a party game that’s cool (is that possible)? It can be anything but should be tailored to the honoree and it should be fun!

So there you have it…all the pieces to put together the Most Memorable Milestone Party.


Side note:

Having a party at Songbird Karaoke is probably the most memorable milestone party e-ver! We are budget friendly, have an online booking tool so you can check any dates right now, in a great location, BYOB (beer and wine only) so you bring what you want and need, and offer fantastic catering options.

The WOW is inclusive of having it at Songbird Karaoke with over 36,000 songs to choose from anyone can tailor their experience. But get this, we also offer great decoration packages and even glow parties, which everybody loves! So, be sure to consider us when thinking of a location for your memorable milestone party!

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