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Which Emoji Are You?

When you sing karaoke, which emoji do you most resemble?

Let’s find out!

Are you the SHY Emoji?

Do you secretly LOVE karaoke but need a little nudging to get out there and sing? Are you singing in low tones even when you don’t have the mic? Do you get upset if someone skips your song or even worse sings overtop of you when you’re singing?

Are you the MIC Emoji?

Which Emoji Are You?
Do you immediately grab the mic? Do you sometimes introduce the next singer up and then only hand the mic over reluctantly? Do you want the mic even when you’re adding harmonies to the song? Do you quietly ask who picked this song and when nobody answers you keep the mic and sing it anyway?

Are you the Dancing Emoji?

Are you up and dancing to every song even when you’re not singing it? Do you feel the need to entertain during your song? Is it hard for you to sing without using your hands? Have you ended up on the floor belting it out?

Are you the Scared Emoji?

Which Emoji Are You?
Do you dread even the word karaoke? Do you hate to be the center of attention? Do you never want anyone to hear your voice? Did you read our post about people who don’t LOVE karaoke?

Are you the Crying Emoji?

Do you love all the sad and slow songs? Do you love the dramatic duets? Do some people in your group sigh when your songs starts to play? Does your audience need a tissue when you’re done?

Are you the Love Emoji?

Which Emoji Are You?
Do you love karaoke? Could you sing karaoke e.v.e.r.y night of the week? Do you drag your friends to karaoke and make them sing and they love you for it? Do you hype up every singer at the perfect time? Are you my favorite person?

Did we nail your emoji?? Can you pick out your friends too? We’d love to hear – let us know if we got YOU!

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