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Drummers Do Sing

Drummers Do Sing – Here’s Their Top 7 Karaoke Favorites!

**Guest post by Gideon Waxman, our favorite drummer!**

Who said drummers don’t like to sing? Singing is a natural antidepressant that also lowers stress levels. Not to mention, of course, it’s incredibly fun! Even though I may not be the greatest singer in the world, I do love my fair share of karaoke!

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite karaoke songs that are perfect anthems for air drumming and belting out my voice to my heart’s content. Let’s dive right into the list!

#1 Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit has been branded by NME as one of the most iconic songs of all time, and for a good reason. It’s a song that quite literally changed the popular music world. Written by Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the song became a smash hit in the early 90s and put Nirvana on the map. With powerful drums and vocals, this is one of those classic karaoke tracks drummers can’t resist.

#2 Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

Of course, you already knew this song was coming! In The Air Tonight has arguably the most famous drum fill in history. The track is also accompanied by some of the most majestic and soaring vocals. There is a huge amount of atmosphere and tension in this song, and when it finally unleashes, it’s a pretty euphoric experience. Simply legendary.

#3 Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is an amazing song that has a slow tempo groove that comes to life in the chorus and towards the end of the song. A noteworthy mention goes to Billie Joe for his great vocal delivery on this song that’s just totally infectious to sing along to for karaoke. The song earned the number one spot on Rolling Stone’s Reader’s Choice: Singles of the Decade.

#4 Outkast – Hey Ya!

Perhaps I’m biased because this song gives me an insane nostalgia hit. But nobody could deny how unbelievably catchy it is! It’s got such a fun beat as well as memorable melodies throughout. It was the game-changing song that is now a disco staple at every wedding. This classic party anthem has to be on every drummer’s karaoke tracklist.

#5 Linkin Park – Numb

No Linkin Park song better demonstrates Chester Bennington’s enormous talent better than Numb. His incredible vocal delivery and explosive chorus shows amazing diversity and ability. Since Chester’s tragic passing 3 years ago, each karaoke performance of Numb pays tribute to the exceptional frontman. The song has a powerful groove and easily recognizable melodies that makes everyone want to sing this song.

#6 Earth Wind & Fire – September

Another classic on this list of karaoke songs is Earth Wind & Fire’s staple track September. It’s been a very commercially successful track, and it’s a classic disco-funk song that’s bound to get any party going. It’s actually one of the easiest drum songs to play, but it has an incredibly solid groove. The vocals are fantastic, and it’s a feel-good song that’s a pure joy to sing along to.

#7 Coldplay – Paradise

Last up on my list, we have Paradise by Coldplay, and this song features captivating vocals and a strong underlying groove that provides this song with immense energy. It’s a grand and gorgeous song with anthemic vocals in the chorus that feels larger than life. Who wouldn’t want to recapture the thrill of chanting these vocals in karaoke?!

Thanks to our amazing guest blogger Gideon Waxman! Gideon is a London based drummer and music educator who holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Westminster. You can read more of his advice over at his popular online music resources Drum Helper and Strong Sounds.

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