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The Perfect Holiday Party

The Perfect Holiday Party – everybody wants it!

How do you get it though? It’s soo easy…are you ready for the secret?

Have your party at SONGBIRD KARAOKE!

But why? Here’s why:

  • 1. You want good food without a lot of work.

    One of the worst parts of having a holiday party is the pre-work that goes into it, especially the food. First, figuring out what to have then buying it all and maybe even making it all. Or asking others to help by bringing things and then just hoping they do.

    At Songbird, we make it so simple. We have a selection of catering options. You can select what you want, even mix-and-match if you have a variety of eaters (gluten-free or vegan we got it). We can help with amounts too! We have all the plates, napkins, cups, ice, etc. that you’ll need. We set it all up so when you arrive all your food is ready to go for your hungry guests!

    All you need to bring is any celebration dessert you’d like and the alcoholic drinks.

  • 2. You want it to look festive.

    You know you love a festive look for any party so you definitely want that for your holiday party, right? Figuring out your theme, how you want it to look, getting the decorations, putting up the decorations, oh my, so much work! And half the time, it doesn’t even look as good as you imagined it in your mind.

    At Songbird Karaoke, we take care of that for you. With our party package, decorations are included. You can choose from a variety of themes. We even offer our Winter Wonderland option, which is blue, silver, and white with sparkly twinkle lights. When you come into your suite, decorations are done and you didn’t have to lift a finger!

  • 3. You want everyone to have fun!

    This is an essential.

    Here, karaoke brings the fun. Even if you have some hard core hold outs, they will have fun watching others and usually by the end of the night they are fully converted to the karaoke family. We’ve found that those who are most adamant about not singing are the ones who refuse to let go of the mic when the time has ended.

  • 4. Not only do you want everyone to have fun – YOU want to have fun too!

    Now this should be the #1 thing for having the perfect holiday party, shouldn’t it? Why are you even having a party if you are not going to be having the MOST fun. Running around taking care of everything at the party is not the best way to ensure you are going to have a good time.

    At Songbird, we take care of everything for you! You come in, have fun with your guests, create memories that will last a lifetime, and then when the party is over (assuming you don’t want to extend, because you just might be having that much fun!), you get to leave and go home, which leads to our next point.

  • 5. You want the clean up to be super easy.

    The absolute worst part of the end of a party is the cleanup. Nobody wants to do it. Well, there might be a few but they can’t really enjoy it, can they?

    Regardless, here you don’t have to clean anything up. You don’t have to take out the trash. You don’t have to do the dishes. You just put on your coat and talk about all the fun you’ve had. We take care of the rest!

Doesn’t that ALL sound FANTASTIC!! Now are you ready for the PERFECT HOLIDAY PARTY?

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