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Opening a Business is Hard and It Takes A Town

Opening a business is a lot of work!

Surprised? Of course not. Everyone knows that opening a business is hard work – nobody assumes it’s a cake walk*.

The main point is that it is not just about you and your brilliant idea! There are a lot of people involved.

Now, here’s a big secret. Are you ready? Having all these people involved is quite annoying. Everyone has an idea, their own opinion (which unbelievably doesn’t always agree with yours), and lots and lots of questions.


There are tons of rules to follow and hoops to jump through. And, just when you think you performed all the tricks and the show is over, it’s not! There’s always more.

Now with all that being said, we appreciate all of these people.

Each one has an interest and usually for a very important reason. Without them, who knows what anarchy might occur? Sometimes the rules or questions seem inane or trite or silly but they are all important. You know why? Because at some point there was a problem and that problem made it necessary for the question to be asked or the rule to be enforced.


You know the old story about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911. Oh, you don’t? Let us give you the quick overview. It was a big fire on the higher floors of a factory in New York City and 123 people died because the doors were locked preventing their escape to safety. That fire sparked improvements in fire safety standards.

So, there is usually a reason a special rule is in place or certain questions are asked. Even when we disagree, which can happen, it does not negate the importance of the practice.


To that end, we’d like to thank the Zoning Board, the Historic Committee, the Planning Board, the town Commissioners, all the resources in the Borough office, our realtor, architect, builder (and all the subs), the Fire Department, Public Works, the Police, all the Inspectors, the Signage Commission, fellow business owners, our partners, neighbors, and of course, our friends and family.

That’s a lot of opinions! All of these people were instrumental in us opening a business.

We’re sure there are many more we’re missing and will be many more in the future. Thank you all for your time, energy, and help in making Songbird Karaoke the best place it can be!

*What even is a cakewalk? Seems like it was a specialized dance, in which the best dancers received a cake at the end. There’s a much, much more involved explanation – it has it’s own Wiki page – click here to read all about it. Doesn’t seem like it was an easy thing to do, actually. I may have to use a different expression in the future!


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