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Booking Online is So Easy at Songbird Karaoke!

Did you know we have booking online to make your life even easier?

Benefits of Booking Online

You have probably booked lots of things online so you know tons of benefits of doing it but let us tell you!

  • You can book any time that is convenient to you!
  • You can look at tons of options to see what works best for you!
  • You can see the full pricing details and take your time making a decision.
  • You can read through all the terms and conditions to be sure you’re comfortable.
  • You don’t have to talk with anyone on the phone. Of course, that’s available if you need it.
  • You don’t miss details in email conversations. Of course, that’s available if you need it.

How to Book Online

Booking online is so easy!

  • Go to Book Now in the menu (or just click here!).
  • Choose exactly what you want (party, suite, etc.). The cool part is you can pick and then re-pick to check out options.
  • Select your suite size based on the number of people attending your event.
  • Pick the number of hours you want to sing.
  • Decide the time you want to start singing.
  • Choose any extras. The cool part here is that you can select and deselect to see how your choices effect your total price.
  • Enter your details (name, phone, email, etc.). You do have to pick a password but that’s just so we never forget you (as if we could).
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Read through the terms and conditions. Check out the cancellation policy. Click the agree button.
  • Click the final confirmation button.

  • And, you’re done! Super simple, right?

    If you have any questions on booking (or anything else), just give us a call 856.869.7464 or send us an email to

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