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Karaoke Myths – We’re Silencing the Top 6

There are quite a few karaoke myths out there. We’re here to debunk the top 6 of those myths.

Here we go:

  • Karaoke Myth #1:
    You have to sing in front of strangers when you sing karaoke.

  • NO! You don’t have to sing in front of strangers when you come to sing karaoke at Songbird Karaoke. We have eight private suites ready for you. In these beautiful suites, you sing with only the people you bring with you! That’s right, you never have to wait for your song, request the song you want, or listen to some stranger belt out their favorite before you! You get to come into your own private suite and control it all, the music, the lights, the volume, everything!

  • Karaoke Myth #2:
    All karaoke places are dirty and gross.

  • NO! Songbird Karaoke is a beautiful and clean space. We pride ourselves in keeping our entire venue extremely clean. And, with our new COVID-19 cleaning requirements, things are even more clean than ever. We have air filters in every suite, wipe down all common spaces at routine intervals, offer individual mic covers, and everyone is masked in public spaces. Our space is not just clean it is also lux and inviting. We can’t wait for you to see.

  • Karaoke Myth #3:
    You have to sing well to have fun at karaoke.

  • NO! That is the BEST part of karaoke. You don’t have to sing well to have fun at karaoke. Karaoke is all about letting go and just being yourself. The best karaoke performances are when everyone is singing together or the person is just going all out to have a good time singing their favorite song. If you have not tried private suite karaoke, you must come here immediately. We can also say, those who have been most reluctant to try it are usually the ones we have to pry the mic out of their hands.

  • Karaoke Myth #4:
    You have to be drunk to sing karaoke.

  • NO! Of all the karaoke myths, let’s be sure to end this one. Songbird Karaoke is about having fun and you don’t have to be drunk to have fun. You may need a little extra courage but remember you are in your own private suite (see above). That means you’re not getting up the courage to sing in front of strangers. Now, all that being said, Songbird Karaoke is BYOB. You can bring any type of beer, wine, or seltzer type drink you want. We have ice, cups, and everything else you need.

  • Karaoke Myth #5:
    Your favorite song translates into a great karaoke song.

  • NOT ALWAYS! We can’t go a full “no” on this one but your favorite song may not translate into a good karaoke song. The best karaoke songs (see above) are usually the ones that everyone likes to join in singing or one where you can give a great performance, not just sing. So, your favorite obscure, deep track – although we probably have it – may not make for the best party atmosphere.

  • Karaoke Myth #6:
    Only adults like karaoke.

  • NO! Everyone likes karaoke! It’s soooo true! We’ve had groups as young as six and as old as 80 in here rocking the tunes. In fact, the whole family can enjoy it. We have Twinkle, Twinkle for the really little ones and Billie Holiday for that older set. We love when we get multi-generational parties come visit. Seeing the ages mix up their songs and sing together is awesome.

There are the top 6 karaoke myths – debunked just for you. Are there other myths that you have heard? What are they?
We’d love to try to eliminate even more myths.

Now, with all the facts out there, we bet you’re ready to make your karaoke reservation. Do it!!

Remember, if you are still not comfortable coming out, we do offer mobile karaoke – we bring the karaoke right to you! You can find all the details here.

If you have more questions, check our FAQ, give us a call, or send us an email!

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