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Do you want the karaoke to come to you?

Well, we’ve got it! We are excited to bring the karaoke fun right to you.

What Is It?

We deliver our amazing mobile karaoke unit right to your location! This includes:

  • a digital mixing amplifier
  • four wireless microphones
  • mic covers for your group
  • 40″ flat-screen TV
  • two high-quality speakers
  • two tambourines
  • a super-cool party light
  • two songbooks
  • an easy-to-use iPad for song selection of over 37,000 songs

Songbird Mobile Karaoke

How Does It Work?

Super simple. You use or our reservation system (you can call or email us too) to make find the date you want and reserve your system. We will confirm your address and drop off location details.

On your date, we will drop the unit, explain everything, and let the fun begin. You keep the unit ALL NIGHT. We’ll be back the next morning (at an agreed-upon time before 11 am) to pick it up. All this fun is just $300!

Extras, Extras, Extras

You know we’ve got some extras for you!

  • You can also add a GLOW option! You get a black lights and lots of GLOW sticks and necklaces (only an additional $30).
  • You can have your karaoke party outside with our outside set-up, which includes a full canopy and bottom covering (this requires a $100 charge).

What Else?

Do you still have questions or need more information? Call us at 856.869.7464 or email us at

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