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Graduation Ready – Get the Hints!

Are you graduation ready?

Graduation season is here!

All that hard work, endless studying, final exams, never-ending projects and studying…is done!

It’s time to celebrate!!

Here are a few hints to ensure your graduation is on point.


This is a big day and you want to be prepared. Consider what you’ll wear. Yes, you’ll have that gown on but having a great outfit on underneath will ensure you feel great and that smile will shine bright in all those pictures.

Keep in mind though that it could get hot. So be sure whatever you choose won’t make the situation even worse.

Stash some tissues. There could be a few tears shed. Have something on hand to dry those beautiful eyes.


Your picture is going to be taken a million times, so you want to be sure you’re looking good. Think about that hat and what it might do to your amazing hairstyle. Be sure whatever look you go with can withstand mortarboard hat head.


Regardless of how it goes down, this is going to be a memorable day. You may want to do a little extra to keep those memories alive. Maybe an autograph frame that people can sign or maybe even a cute stuffed animal!


The day is going to go fast, so remember to take some deep breaths throughout. Take it all in and enjoy every moment!


The ceremony is over and now it’s time to celebrate! However you choose to celebrate make sure you have fun. Keep in mind all the people who are there to support you want to share in your joy. Try to be gracious and grateful. Take in all their love and give a little back – they deserve it too!

And, you are graduation ready!


Don’t forget one great way to celebrate any graduation is with a Songbird Karaoke party! We take care of everything and all you have to do is have fun with friends and family. From the decorated suite, to the snacks, to the variety of partnership food options, to the absolute most amazing karaoke moments. All you need is the cake and possibly beer and wine (for those over 21). Let the fun begin!

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