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Check the Lyrics Before Your Next Party

Check the Lyrics Before Your Next Party

Song lyrics can teach us so much about life. More importantly, they can teach you how to have the best party! So here are some lyrics to help you make your next party perfect.

  • Pre-party:
    “Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” Yep, you gotta start out right and what better way to “Get your sexy on”
  • then to get that smile in order.

  • What to Wear:
    “Ripped jeans, skin was showin'” or maybe you “Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent” either way, your outfit has gotta make you want to say “Gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty”
  • Who to bring with you:
    “Let me tell ya something, If you didn’t come to party, Don’t bother knockin’ on my door” That’s right! We’re only looking for fun people at this party!!
  • Transportation:
    Make sure you pull up in “the Benz on dubs” with the “License plate that says “Stunner number one Superstar'” nothing more to add here!
  • Arriving:
    Now maybe you don’t party so much and you’re a little nervous. If so just do what I do…“I put my hands up, They’re playin’ my song, the butterflies fly away.” That’ll give you all the confidence you need!
  • Once You’re there:
    “Don’t try to fight the feeling” just “Let the music take control, Let the rhythm move you” Yes! Just go with the flow because “Hips Don’t Lie!”
  • What to do when there’s a lull in the action:
    “Let’s flip the track, bring the old school back” everyone will love it!
  • When it’s over:
    Soon it will be “Closing time, one last call for alcohol” so hurry and “dance the last dance” but don’t leave the “cake out in the rain” cause that just ruins things! And don’t worry “this Friday night” you can “Do it all again!”

We bet if you check the lyrics you’ll find even more advice. Now this is all good but just remember no matter what party you are at “Groove is in the heart!”

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