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Best Game of Thrones-Themed Songs to Sing for Karaoke Night

Best Game of Thrones-themed songs to sing for karaoke night for you from our friends at Wiki of Thrones!

As Game of Thrones fans, we need all our life entrenched in the magic of the HBO show. From songs and films to merchandise and books, we want content that fully emulates the concept and theme of the magical show. Despite all the betrayal and backstabbing, there lies a certain fantastical aspect in Game of Thrones that keeps all its viewers in a chokehold of passion. So, get ready for your next karaoke night because we have got your set list covered. Since Season 2 of House of the Dragon is on its way, Game of Thrones themes are the rage. Check out these buzzing songs that will transport you back to Westeros with their lyrics that closely capture the spirit of the show Game of Thrones.

1. The Rains of Castamere by The National
A song straight from the Game of Thrones world to get us started. The Rains of Castamere underscores the strength and brutality of House Lannister. The sheer fearlessness with which they consolidated power is vividly described in this song. The National’s deep, eerie voice heightens the ominous vibe as exuded in the show. Doom and gloom alike are evoked by the light yet powerful orchestration, which is dominated by low voices and strings. The show’s themes of treachery and retribution are perfectly embodied in this song, which makes it an appropriate anthem for the darker, more menacing parts of the narrative. These themes would also be central to the most awaited House of Dragon, Season 2.

2. Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + The Machine
The ethereal voice of Florence Welch suits Jenny of Oldstones because it is a song attached directly to Game of Thrones lore. The song carries a dismal melody and reflective tone that befits a tragic love story and haunting memories, both situations omnipresent throughout the course of this series. From Jon and Ygritte and Rhaegar and Lyanna, Game of Thrones is a graveyard of failed romances and this song perfectly embodies that pain and loss. The lyrics talk about love versus loss, in tune with character development stories. Florence + The Machine has quite the tear-jerker of a voice.

3. Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine
The song Seven Devils carries a haunting, ominous nature that perfectly embodies the supernatural and heavy foreboding of Game of Thrones. These powerful, otherworldly vocals from Florence Welch, intertwined with heavy, brooding orchestration, establish a chilling atmosphere. The tension and challenge of the song perfectly align with the themes of the show. Evil and destruction are at the center of the song, much like Game of Thrones and the pursuit of power from various malevolent sources.

4. Pompeii by Bastille
The epic storyline and historical grandeur seen in Bastille’s Pompeii are a fitting complement to the tone of Game of Thrones. The lyrics of the song, which grieve Pompeii’s devastation, are comparable to the series’ terrible events when King’s Landing falls before the wrath of Daenerys Targaryen. A recurrent motif in Game of Thrones, optimism and despair are juxtaposed by the cheerful but mournful song. The song’s strong chorus and anthemic nature, which resemble the tenacious spirit of people facing overwhelming circumstances, inspire a sense of resiliency and the certainty of fate. The song’s epic and cinematic effect is enhanced by Bastille’s powerful vocals and atmospheric sound, making it an appropriate anthem for the hardships portrayed in the series.

5. Iron by Woodkid
Iron is built with grand orchestration—that is, the instrumentation is huge—and possesses a dramatic, cinematic quality that enables it to feel like an epic battle anthem. Woodkid’s commanding vocals, along with military-like drumming in the background, bring forth the image of warriors marching to war, which is the center of Game of Thrones. The sense of impending conflict and struggle for dominance echoed in the song is perfect with respect to the power struggles and the epic battles that are the hallmarks of the series. This track grasps the grandeur and the intensity of the fight for the Iron Throne.

6. Take Me to Church by Hozier
Hozier is known for soulful, haunting songs with themes that delve into sacrifice, betrayal, and faith, all of which are found in Game of Thrones. The powerful, emotive vocals and dark, introspective lyrics in Take Me to Church grasp the moral complexity and often harsh realities faced by the characters. The intensity and raw emotion of the song run parallel to the show’s take on human nature and mankind’s eternal battle between light and darkness. The way Hozier manipulates the listener’s emotions with such ease is the reason this song has such a strong impact on the intricate and often tragic narrative the series carries.

7. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde
Lorde brings a darker, more haunting interpretation to this classic song, which suits the themes surrounding power and ambition in Game of Thrones. Her moody vocals and the atmospheric production behind her deliver a climax of eerie anticipation and looming threat. Lastly, for the theme’s sake, the questions posed by the song regarding controlling desires and the possible consequences echo the drain many of the characters feel as they fight for who will sit on the Iron Throne, especially Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow. This cover maintains a haunting quality and an ethereal tone, corresponding with the theme of power relations throughout the series.

8. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith
Patti Smith’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirit performs this grunge masterpiece at the speed of a haunting ballad. This version encapsulates its somberness, the slightly distant rumination of a raw, exposed emotion, just like the peaks of blackness and inwardness in Game of Thrones. A great deal of this comes down to Smith’s voice, overflowing with a sense of world-weary misery that perfectly mirrors the struggles and often grim fates of many of the characters. The haunting quality of this song, just from how stripped back the arrangement is, embodies desolation and existential illusions that are part of the show’s tale.

9. Way Down We Go by Kaleo
Way Down We Go by Kaleo boasts some bluesy, soulful undertones and a seriously powerful vocal delivery, much like the fates of many of the characters in Game of Thrones. The grimy, raw energy in the song is parallel to the harsh realities and moral complexities that exist within the series. The booming baritone of the lead singer, along with the dark, brooding instrumentation, brings an atmosphere of impending calamity and reflection on one’s actions—in an ideal mix that corresponds to the themes of downfall and redemption in the show.

10. The Last Pale Light in the West by Ben Nichols
A haunting, stripped-down acoustic sound in The Last Pale Light in the West by Ben Nichols captures a desolate and lonely feel that seems to reflect the emotional landscape of Game of Thrones. Nichols’ voice is hard and the lyrics are soft, speaking to themes of wandering, loss, and the search for redemption. The song’s stark, melancholic tone mirrors the solitary journeys and often grim introspection faced by many characters of the series. It’s very hauntingly emotional in its poignancy, capturing the deeper emotional undercurrents Game of Thrones is rooted in.

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