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Taylor Swift = Spotlight Artist

Taylor Swift is a music superstar, like it or not.

We happen to like it 🙂

You may not like her because you’re a true country fan and you think she sold out to the pop industry.
You may not like her because she’s sugary sweet and gives you not only a cavity but a headache.
You may not like her because drama seems to follow her and you’re more interested in the music.

We get that. We do.

But, it’s hard to argue that her music isn’t catchy. It’s infectious and makes you a little happier after you hear it. And, anything that makes you even a little happier after doing, we like!

At Songbird Karaoke, we have over 80 songs from TayTay’s library of over 100 songs.

Let me also tell you that when we start a kid’s (I’m talking about anyone under 20!) party off playing 22, it’s on. The group is singing their hearts out and the party begins on the right note!

The great part about Taylor Swift’s songs is that most of them make the best karaoke songs to sing. Simple lyrics that move quickly (but not too quickly, hello Busta Rhymes) and are easy to sing.

So that next time you come in, give a T-Swizzle song a try. We suggest 22, of course, or Blank Space, or the most popular, Shake It Off and then watch the par-tay begin!

Seems like it’s time to book your reservation to sing now!

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