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Taylor Swift Wants You to Sing the Hottest Song this Summer

That’s right, Taylor Swift wants you singing the hottest song this summer. Do you know what she thinks it is?
We don’t either but we’re guessing it’s probably this one:

We actually LOVE this song! It’s super popular at Songbird Karaoke and not just at kids’ parties!

Newest Karaoke Favorites

Don’t worry though, we’ve got even more summer song suggestions for you! Sticking on the newest, hottest songs, here are two more poppy pieces you might like:


Old School Summer Songs

Now, we understand if you like “old school” summer songs. How about these?



Classic Summer Karaoke

Of course, we always have your classic karaoke favorites!





We could go on and on but the best thing is probably to just get in here and sing them all for yourself! Come check out our beautiful space and create the greatest summer memories!


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