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St. Patty’s Day Playlist!

We’ve got your St. Patty’s Day Playlist ready to go!

We’re open this year so let’s celebrate. You can bring your own green beer!!

Here’s how to start off all the Irish singing you can handle:

Let’s start off with this Irish lullabye. As everyone gets set up, humming this little tune will get them all in the mood.

It’s a Great Day for the Irish
Now let’s pump everyone up. You might not all know this song, it’s an oldie but it’s fun and Irish.

Brown-eyed Girl
Keep it going with this song everyone loves. How could they not when almost 80% of girls have brown eyes!

Beautiful Day
You can not have an Irish playlist without the ultimate band from Ireland and this song is a classic.

We’re keeping the Irish origin bands rolling with the Cranberries. This is a great karaoke song!

Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels)
Getting back to those Irish roots with this song, which you have to sing on St. Patty’s Day!

Nothing Compares 2U
Let’s give it up for more singers from the homeland. This is perfect timing for this song. All of the karaoke lovers can show off their dramatic side!

Galway Girl
We’re ready to pump it up a bit with a little Ed Sheeran. We have to have a true red-head in the mix!

Galway Boy
Not to show favoritism, we’ve got girls and boys from Galway. This song may not be for many in the crowd but we had to include it. You can always skip a song here, if it doesn’t go well or it’s a good time for a bathroom break.

My Wild Irish Rose
Back to our old-school Irish tune with this one!

You Got Lucky
This song is not by someone from Ireland and it’s not really an Irish tune but it does have luck involved and that’s a big part of St. Patty’s Day!

The Wild Rover
More Irish tunes to keep you and the green beer going!

Black Velvet Band
Another Irish old-time tune, which you’re going to need to be ready for so get ready!

Take Me to Church
Had to include this one from Hozier. His birthday is March 17th – you can’t get more Irish than that! It’s also a great karaoke song for the crowd.

The Streets Have No Name
This one is another crowd pleaser. You’ve got to wait a while for the chorus but when it gets there, it’s worth the wait.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
We’re wrapping it up with two classics! First, this little tune, which your grandparents probably know all the words!

Danny Boy
The final classic. Would it even be a St. Patty’s Day playlist if we didn’t include this song?

Now, those last two are really slow but we had to have them. So we’ve added one more to end on that high dramatic note, we’ve got it right here for you!

Okay, there you have it – your St. Patty’s Day playlist. Use what you’d like, add, delete accordingly. You can download our app ahead of time and get all the songs you want.

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