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Preschool Prepared You for Karaoke!

Yes, preschool prepared you for karaoke!

Do you want to know how? I know you do so I’m going to tell you.

  • You began with learning how to take turns. Right, nobody likes to take turns for who is up at kick ball just like nobody likes to take turns with the mic. But, it’s necessary. The good news is, you know how to do it. So don’t hog that mic!

    *side note – at Songbird, we just added an upgrade to get two extra mics in our midsize suites – for those that didn’t learn the lesson too well.

  • Then they started to teach you how to read. Now this one is important because let’s face it, you do not know all those lyrics! You are going to have to read the words on that screen and you are prepared!
  • Okay, this one is obvious but all those musical skills got you ready for that tambourine! Yes, you get a tambourine in your suite (two in our midsize or large!). Oh you got this one!
  • This one is a favorite. Preschool let you use your imagination! You might think this might not come up at karaoke but you’d be wrong! Sometimes, when someone else is singing – not you, definitely not you – you may have to use your imagination to realize what song it is that they are actually singing.
  • What’s the one thing preschool teachers are constantly stressing to those adorable cuties? Telling them to listen! Now that is usually the most fun part of karaoke. Music and other people singing – woohoo – listening is your jam.
  • Remember creative expression? Once you’re out of preschool, creative expression goes out the window but in preschool it abounds. Coloring outside the lines, creative expression. Playing those maracas badly, creative expression. Singing at the top of your lungs, creative expression. Now, if that doesn’t make you a superstar at karaoke, I don’t know what does!

Aren’t you so glad these small life lessons were able to make your karaoke time even more FUN? We are!

If you haven’t visited in a bit, you should totally make a reservation now. Let’s exercise those skills.

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