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Five Karaoke Don’ts!

Karaoke don’ts – here are five you don’t want to do!

Everyone wants to have a good time at karaoke, especially at Songbird Karaoke! Let’s be sure though you don’t do these things and annoy the people who are with you!

1. Don’t drop the mic
This is important. Even if you did an amazing job and totally slayed the song, don’t drop the mic. You could break the mic and then nobody is happy.

2. Don’t hog the mic
There’s nothing worse than someone who won’t give up the mic. Every song you have to add your special vocal feature? No, no you don’t. Give others a chance.

3. Don’t be embarrassed
Everyone is there to have fun! Don’t you just love the person who gets up there and goes crazy, even when they’re not the greatest singer. Yes, yes you do! Be that person – it’s just a good time!

4. Don’t be afraid to sing along
Okay, you’re not hogging the mic but you can still sing. We especially love when the crowd sings the background or hypes up the singers. Now that’s fun.


5. Don’t sing over the person who chose the song
Have fun but don’t take it too far! You don’t want to be that person trying so hard for ALL the attention. You want to add to the experience and make it more fun.

That’s it – our top five karaoke don’ts. Now if you’re ready to make it happen, pick a date and book your amazing experience!

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