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What Is THE Most Covered Song?

So the most covered song in music history is:

#1 = Yesterday by The Beatles

Here are the next two on the list:

#2 = Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

#3 = Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

Did you guess these top three?

If you want to see the top 10, click here.

We’re sharing these because we thought it might help to give you some great ideas of karaoke songs you might want to sing!

When I first saw Yesterday was #1, I thought, “Hmmm, not sure about that.” But then I played the video and I couldn’t help but sing along. I’m definitely putting this on my karaoke hot list.

To note, our “most covered” song last week at Songbird Karaoke was…Don’t Stop Believin.

We like to talk a lot about music as if you couldn’t tell. Did you see our recent piece on Taylor Swift?

Or did you read about how to be healthier, happier, AND more beautiful? HINT – it might be singing!

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