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The Best Ideas for an Amazing Friends Night Out

Best Ideas Right Here!

Remember that night you were hanging out with your friends! You all finally found a date that worked and you made it happen. It was so worth it – all the talking, joking, laughing, just having a blast. That was so awesome, wasn’t it? When was that again?


Hanging out with friends offers so many benefits above and beyond just having fun. With your friends, you’re in your tribe. Your place. You feel comfortable. You gain knowledge from them and you may even impart some of your own!

You create a sense of community and connection. You feel their support and they feel yours, even if you don’t actually use them to support you, just knowing they are there is helpful.

The sense of belonging you feel is also inspiring. You’re more motivated and feel better about yourself after a great night out with your crew.

This is proven, people! You need to hang with your squad. It’s been too long so set something up now!

Here are some ideas:

  • Halloween is coming up. Wear a costume and hang at home or go out on the town. The costumes alone can create lifetime memories, lol.
  • Go on a hike. It’s starting to get colder so get on this one now. You can check out all the changing leaves while you stomp around in the fresh air.
  • Watch Monday Night Football. Who cares who’s playing? In fact, better if nobody has a vested interest. You can make some stellar bets when your heart is not in the game.
  • Volunteer somewhere as a group. You’ll feel good about being with your friends and even more about helping others!
  • Try a movie. Get to A Star is Born asap. It’s a great movie, sure to win tons of awards, but be sure you schedule time to hang out afterward so you can talk all about it and get everyone’s opinion!
  • Celebrate a random holiday. Did you know November 14 is National Pickle Day? Here’s an idea…ask everyone to bring their favorite type of pickle and have a pickle tasting contest. Everyone votes and the one who brought the best tasting pickle is the Top Pickle! Don’t like the pickle idea, fine, check here or here for some other random holidays!

    We’ve been saving the best for last. The best and most fun thing to create the most amazing time with your friends (drum roll please)…


    Yes, book your private suite karaoke reservation, right here, right now!

    Lol, karaoke is super fun and you should come in with your friends asap but regardless of what you decide you should spend time hanging with your crew.

    It really is worth it!

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