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Jacob Is In the Spotlight of the Songbird Crew

Jacob is here!

Time to meet another member of our amazing Songbird Crew! This week we’re featuring Jacob. He’s super cool!

**Update: Jacob doesn’t work with us anymore. He is doing so many amazing things with his life! But we’ll never forget the time he spent here!**

So here’s everything you need to know about JACOB…

1. His go-to karaoke song? Friend of the Devil by The Grateful Dead

2. Beach or mountains? Mountains

3. The one superpower he wants? Flight

4. The one thing he likes most from our in-suite menus? Pulled Pork Sandwich from The Pop Shop.

5. Most important question…the coolest thing about Songbird Karaoke? The design.

He has traveled all around the world too – be sure to ask him which place is his favorite…you might be surprised!

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