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Yell About Collingswood Stores!

Yell About Collingswood Stores!

We’re onto our third edition of some of the best shops in Collingswood. If you missed the first two, here’s part one and here’s part two. We love our little town and showing off some of the cool places (beside us, of course!).

So to continue the list, here are a few more!


Cutest shop ever. They have the coolest, cutest things. The best part is going in to just shop around the place, so much fun. They do have a ton of things online now but still, if you can, go check them out in person, they do have limited hours – so worth it.

The Principled Pet

This is an adorable pet shop that sells “Proper Provisions for Particular Pets and Their People.” We don’t have pets, right now, so we can’t give any personal feedback but we ONLY hear the greatest thing about this place.


Do you need printing, shipping, copying, branding help? This is where you need to be. As a new member on the block, we’re so happy the Pronto peeps are here. Super helpful and friendly place – check them out!

The Quilted Nest

All your sewing needs are met right here. Our daughter is a sewer and loves going in here to look around. We even got her a new sewing machine here. Of course with all the COVID stuff happening we have to wait for its arrival. Lesson here, if you want something for a birthday, order way ahead!

Red Dog Design

This amazing team specializes in signage, customized glasses, graphic design, and more! Want to see some of their great work, check out our Songbird Karaoke sign, our customized Songbird glasses, or the wall/door graphics throughout our space. These peeps know how to get it done.

Secret Origins

Comic book fans unite! Wait, we’ll bet you’re already united. Well, if you haven’t heard of Secret Origins, they’re sort of new to the block, then get out there and check them out. They’re open and ready to make your world a better place.


This is the most adorable boutique. The clothes are sooo comfortable. Every piece I’ve purchased from here has been a one-of-a-kind fall-in-love-with piece. They sell online too so stop by the cute shop or go online. Either way it’s a win!

Weinstein Bath and Kitchen Showroom

Looking to redo a kitchen or bath? Stop by here to shop for the coolest stuff around. Or if you just need some inspiration, follow them on Instagram, you’ll love it all!

Okay, you are all set! Our three part review is complete. Of course, there are lots of other places in Collingswood, especially restaurants, which we didn’t cover at all. If you need a recommendation though, let us know!

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