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“Come To My Window” Display

Come to my window display.

Wait, that’s not how the song goes, is it?

No, of course not. But, we’re glad you’re interested in our window DISPLAY!

Side note: for those of you who don’t know that song here’s a link to it…it was quite a hit in its day.

Before we even opened, we were decorating our front window. Here is the first one:

window display

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The one thing that remains constant in doing our windows is that the initial display in my mind is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I mean, we’re talking the coolest, most interesting, and eye-catching displays e-ver. However, it never quite ends up looking the way it does in my mind. I attribute this to lack of patience or lack of knowledge or lack of experience or lack of funds or ALL of those put together. This window display was no different.

However, there is a special story behind this window display and here it is:

When we first opened Songbird Karaoke, we imagined having tons of kids’ parties early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Of course, the parents of those kids would want coffee (and tea). So we were prepared with about 500 coffee cups with lids. We even had a whole coffee making station.

Guess what?

Turns out nobody wanted coffee (or tea). I think we sold about 5 coffees and 3 of those were to people who just happened to stop by asking if we had coffee. How ridiculous is that? We sold more coffee to strangers not even singing karaoke than we did to our actual customers. Ah, small business!

So, we cut our losses and decided to give up the coffee (and tea) game. We donated ALL the 455 cups but they didn’t want the lids. Why no lids?!

I can’t stand to just throw something away so TA-DA! New window display!

Now, in my mind, this was a super, cool, Anthropologie type window. Guess who I am not? The window designers at Anthropologie!

The spray paint didn’t work like I thought:

window display

The lids didn’t hang like I thought and the ribbon didn’t look as cool as I thought (which was also leftover from something else), etc., etc. etc.

window display

So this is what we’ve got!

Don’t get me wrong, I still like it (sort of) but it’s not my favorite. If you check out our other windows, I’ll tell my favorite there!

Thanks for stopping by and for the interest in the window. We’d love to have you stop by and sing some karaoke. It’s way more fun than these windows, lol.

You can book your reservation any time!

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