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Why We Love Karaoke

Why We Love Karaoke brought to you by Ronnie!

WE love karaoke and we’re kinda betting that you love it too or at least like it a whole lot!

Why do we love it so much?

You may never have wondered or cared why you love karaoke. It’s just something you love and that’s it. Or maybe you have wondered. Or maybe others have asked you why you love it so much. Well, we’re here to break it down!

  • It’s Easy to Do
    Yes! If you can talk you can sing karaoke and pretty much everyone can talk.

    Don’t get me wrong, ax throwing, top golf, etc. are fun but don’t you hate it when you’re not doing well, especially when everyone else is? I can’t count the number of golf balls I’ve dinked off the edge of the platform with my bad shots while Michael is hitting the black holes all the way at the end of the fairway.

    However, karaoke is EASY!

    Just pick your favorite song. You don’t have to have it memorized, the words are right there. Get off the beat a little, just give it a second, the music is still playing so no problem. Bad singer, who cares, it’s karaoke nobody is expecting Whitney Houston or even better, just amp up your dancing to add entertainment value!

    So simple!

  • It Makes You Feel Good
    The whole thing is just “feel good.” Once you get that mic in your hand, it’s power. At least for me it is. I’ll start talking into that mic before the song even starts. There’s something about having your voice amplified.

    Then you’re singing your heart out to one of your favorite songs. I mean just listening to one of your favorite songs makes you feel good but belting it out with a microphone is two steps beyond.

    Then the applause when you’re done – that’s just amazing. Okay, maybe there’s no applause but there should be because you killed it and you know it!

    So good!

  • It Suspends Reality
    Let’s face it sometimes reality isn’t great, well, it can even, suck. When you are singing karaoke, you are transported to an alternate reality.

    A reality where everything is right in the world. Where only your favorite songs are playing. Where you know all the words to all those favorites. Where your voice matters and is heard.

    That feeling for even just three minutes (Pro Tip: pick a longer song to keep it going) transports you to the reality you want and can have. It’s real with karaoke!

    So real!

  • It Shows Your Inner Spirit
    Sometimes it can be hard to show your true self. There is a lot of pressure in the world to act right, be the person you are expected to be and that gets daunting.

    However, let’s throw some karaoke on and let’s see what happens. Usually, you are able to let go and really show your stuff. There’s no expectations with that mic in your hand and you create your own experience.

    Want to scream it out like Freddie Mercury, want to go full hippie like Stevie Nicks, want to add some twang like Luke Bryan, whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be, karaoke opens that door. Go on in!

    So welcoming!

  • It’s a Way to Reduce Stress
    This one is obvious. You spend an hour singing your heart out and I promise you will wonder what happened to your stress. Those shoulders will release from your ears. That jaw will unclench. You will be breathing better.

    With that reduced stress level you will get an awesome night’s sleep. In fact, I may have to do a survey about that – how much better did you sleep after singing karaoke! I’m going to predict it will prove out.

    The good news about this stress reducer is that it’s fun to do! It’s not some daunting exercise program or pressure filled journal writing, just sing a song (or ten…I’m not sure where you’re at on the stress scale).

    So relieving!

  • It Lets You Bond
    Normally, you are going to karaoke with friends or family. Although no judgement, we have had a lot of guests come alone and we’re here for it. Sometimes, it’s nice to get away from EVERYTHING but usually you come with others.

    That’s a good thing because singing karaoke together is great for bonding. You are creating memories that will last forever. Whether it’s because you killed that song, showed off your choreographed moves, hit the harmonies together, lost the beat in the middle, or missed every note at the same pace, it all happened TOGETHER!

    Even better, the other people in the suite, even when they aren’t singing are in the memory. A year later The Backstreet Boys comes on and they’re saying, “Remember when you sang this at Songbird? That was the greatest!” And then you laugh and laugh and go online to book a reservation because you haven’t been in so long!

    So memorable!

  • EVERYONE Can Do It
    This is one of the best parts. We have seen every type of person through our doors and we couldn’t love it more!

    Great singers, horrible singers, every age, every race, people with disabilities, rich people, not so rich people, those who drink a lot, those who don’t touch a drop…here’s one we don’t see, mean people. Honestly, mean people do not sing karaoke! So if you sing karaoke know that you are a nice and kind person!

    So inclusive!

There you have it – our reasons why people LOVE karaoke. Did we nail it or miss some? Head on over to our Instagram or Facebook page to comment on if you agree or to add what we missed!

We can’t wait to see you and fill your life with karaoke love!

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