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Important Details You Need to Fine Tune a Website Revival

launchedAs we announced last week, we launched our official website! Of course, we are very excited. We wanted to have a professional face for our online presence. In going through the work of creating the site, we learned a few things.

The process was overall painless. We believe this is because we had a little experience in this area and we did a bunch of research in selecting our vendor. We’d love to share a little of what we learned.

Harmonious Duets

Website partnerships are like singing duets. You want someone who is going to compliment your style. Imagine Adele and Axl Rose doing a duet. Not good, right?

If you are hiring a professional, first check out their work. Do you like the look of the website they’ve done? Don’t just look at the images they post. Go to the actual website of the companies they are touting. Do you still like it? Does the site function?

Next check out the About page. Do these seem like people you want to work with on a daily basis? Now, don’t just judge a book by its cover. Set up some time and chat with these people. Do you still like them? This is important. You are going to have to have some hard conversations about what you like and don’t like so having a good working relationship is important.


Targeting your website to your audience is important. When Pink does a concert, she includes all sorts of crazy stunts. Her audience expects that from her and she doesn’t disappoint. Pink doesn’t show up at the venue and just stand in front of the people and sing. She puts on a show!

You need to do the same. Put on the show your people want to see. Know who your fans are and why they love you. Or who you want your fans to be and why you want them to love you.

For example, we needed to have images that appealed to all types of people – families, young people, old people, suit and tie types, and more. We tried our best to find pictures that showed every type of person because Songbird Karaoke welcomes every type of person.

Instrument Integration

Your website shouldn’t be a stand-alone tool. Imagine watching the Foo Fighters play a live concert but there were no drums. Or Dave Grohl only came out to sing every other song. It just wouldn’t work. The same is true for your website.

Your email collection tool needs to be on your site. Your social media links need to be on your site. Any other booking or purchasing applications need to be there as well.

Having all of these pieces available makes your website cohesive. It’s a song worth listening to!

Sing Out Loud!

How are people going to know it’s there if you don’t tell them? After you launch promote your site wherever you can. Have a storefront, put it there – we did!

Talk about it on your social media accounts. Be sure it’s on all your printed material. Tell people in person. Put it on your business cards! Sing out loud!!

The Show Never Ends

Launching a website is hard work. Once you’ve done it, you want to take a vacation. Okay, you can take a quick five seconds. Imagine that beach and then get back to work! The show isn’t over – it’s just beginning.

Now it’s time to work hard to get people to visit that site and engage with your business. How about a launch party? Everyone likes a party! Can you get some media coverage? Go for it. Have some of your loyal fans boast about you. Be sure to track how you’re doing so you know what’s working and what’s not working.

And, here’s the BEST way to celebrate, come to Songbird Karaoke and sing your heart out!

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