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The Very Best Snacks Singing Karaoke

The very best snacks to have while singing karaoke are right here!

Picture this:

You’ve entered your own private suite. It looks amazing. You queue up your songs. Maybe you pick the End of Summer playlist or the 90’s playlist or just pick your random favorites. You start singing. Let the fun begin!

It’s all going great but wait…you’re hungry! What to choose?

First, a few hints:

1. Easy

You probably want things that are easy to hold and eat. Things that don’t require a fork and knife (oh, we have those though in case you do want something like that!). You want to be able to hold the mic and the food.

2. Sharable

Look for things that everyone can share. Sharing keeps it all fun!

3. Neat

Foods that are generally neat are going to suit you better. Snacks that are drippy or need lots of napkins may not be the best when it comes to passing around that mic.

Here are our picks:

5. Meditteranean plate – super shareable and easy to eat.
4. Stromboli – we can have this cut into pieces so you can share – could get a bit messy but tasty.
3. Chips and Salsa – easy to eat and share.
2. Buckets of Popcorn and Pretzels – easy to eat, neat, inexpensive, and very shareable!

and our #1 choice:

1. PIZZA – grandmas, pepperoni, veggie, so many varieties…it tastes good and is shareable!

What are your top snack picks for karaoke? We’ve probably got it on our in-suite menu!

Book your suite today for a great time singing and snacking.


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