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YOU Can Plan the Absolute Most PERFECT Party!

The perfect party, everyone wants one – yes, even you!

Where do you start? How do you do it? Here are a few tips:

1. Does the date work?

You’ve decided on everything! You are amazing! You reach out to the guests and nobody is available. That is a complete bummer, especially if you’ve already booked something. So don’t do it! Check-in with a few key people first to be sure the date is even possible. Once you know you can count on at least a core group – move forward!

2. Would you consider a later date?

Still not finding a good date? You may even want to consider an off-peak time. Can’t pin the birthday girl down, do the party a month before or after. Looking for a work party venue, January is much less crowded than December. Picking an off-peak time allows you to extend the fun season, whatever season it is!

3. Did you actually invite anyone?

So you have buy-in from people, you’ve booked the perfect venue. I have mentioned, you’re amazing? Now, have you officially invited people? You may want beautiful invitations from somewhere like the Paper Trail but even if you don’t go that route, make sure you send the details to everyone (even if it’s an official text). People need to have the time, exact address, etc. You know they’ll be looking for it right before the event and you want them to be prepared!

4. Are you eating?

What time is the party? Are your guests going to be hungry? Think that through in your planning and decide if you’re going for a full-blown meal or maybe just snacks. And what about drinks? Are people bringing their own, are you supplying everything, or some combination? Be sure to let your guests know what you’ve decided – maybe put it on that invite you sent (see #3).

5. What do you give?

While you’re letting people know about food and drinks, give them an idea on the gift situation. If it’s a birthday party, should they bring a gift or maybe make a donation? If it’s a holiday party, is there a gift exchange or again, donation? Make it clear and easy to understand. It’s totally embarrassing if your guest doesn’t know and shows up with nothing.

6. Now – where’s the fun?

What are people going to talk about when they leave your event? You don’t want to just leave this up to the guests. You want to incorporate that element of fun. Are people singing karaoke ;), are they playing board games, drinking games, ax throwing? Think it through. Although it doesn’t have to be completely dramatic and crazy, there does need to be something.

7. Is it festive?

Could you blow up a balloon or two? You want the space to designate a party. Now, if the venue is cute enough on its own, fine. However, if it needs something to make it more joyful then add it. Maybe streamers, candles, there are tons of inexpensive options. Oh hey, at Songbird Karaoke, we offer decoration packages (just sayin’).

8. Are you making memories?

You’ve got it all perfect but will anyone remember? Of course, people may be taking selfies or their own pics but you want some memorable pictures. It’s hard to do as the party host, you’re checking on a million things throughout the party. Here’s what you do. Ahead of time, think of who you want to be in charge. As soon as they arrive (or even before) give them the job. Be sure to tell them you want a group shot of everyone. It is then their job to wrangle the whole crew together for the pic. Of course, if they want they can take a bunch of other shots but they definitely have to get at least one whole group picture. You are going to be sooo happy you did this!

Of course, we might have gotten all the information you need. With that in mind, here are a few other party planning articles that may help!

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