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Movement – Can It Save You From a Boring Life?

Can movement save you from a boring life??

Confession time…I’m a Psychology major.

One of the things I found most fun while pursuing my degree was finding research done on the topics I found interesting. Is that odd? I’m going with…no!

In the spirit of finding research that supports your way of thinking, it even happens with karaoke! You might remember this piece I did recently related to how great singing is!

Guess what else happens when you are singing karaoke? You start moving, you start dancing. Don’t deny it, you do!

Everyone knows dancing is fun! But, did you know it’s good for your health? There is actual research that supports it. In her article from Psychology Today, Dr. LaMonthe cites multiple experiments which yielded the following results:

  • More movement helps you live longer.
  • More movement keeps you to be happier.
  • More movement can keep cancer at bay.
  • More movement ensures you are more interesting.
  • More movement makes you the most popular person ever.

Okay, the last two were made up by me but Dr. LaMonthe does admit that living a sedentary lifestyle can be addictive. However, YOU can break those bad habits.

Here’s one way to start (some may say the BEST way), come sing karaoke at SONGBIRD KARAOKE!

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