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Kids Karaoke Party – Here’s 5 Tips to Make it Great!

If you’re like me, you love finding fun and inventive new ways to bond with your kids. And you may be considering an epic kids karaoke party, but you’re unsure how to make it a success.

It can be tough to convince your little ones to jump on a stage and try to sing their favorite songs but don’t worry; we’re here to help! This article will share five tips for throwing an epic karaoke party that parents and kids will love and remember.

So grab a microphone and get ready to find out how to make your kid’s karaoke party rock its way into the history books!

  • #1 Make it a themed event
  • One of the best ways to get kids excited about karaoke is to make it into a themed event. Pick a movie or TV show your kids love and base the party around that.

    You can even dress up as some of their favorite characters.

    This will make the party much more engaging for your little ones and give you a chance to let your inner child out, too.

    Also, consider making or purchasing fun props that the kids can use while singing and dancing. Bring some cardboard cutout guitars or an inflatable drumkit that can add extra fun to the party.

  • #2 Plan your playlist in advance
  • Nothing kills a party vibe faster than having to scroll through hundreds of songs to find something everyone will enjoy. That’s why it’s crucial to plan your playlist in advance. Also, kids (and adults) will quickly get bored if they’re not hearing songs they know the lyrics to and love.

    You can ask your guests to submit their song requests beforehand so that you can be sure to have everyone’s favorites. This is also a good idea to get all the adults to commit to at least one song before their big moment comes ;).

    Having a set playlist will also help keep the party moving along smoothly. Not sure what songs to include for your kids’ big day? We’ve got you covered with the ultimate karaoke party playlist for kids.

  • #3 Incentivize participation with challenges and prizes
  • Let’s face it, not every kid will be eager to jump on stage and belt out their favorite tune in front of their friends. But if you incentivize participation with challenges and prizes, you’re much more likely to get everyone up on stage showing off their vocal prowess (and cuteness).

    For example, you could have a “best dressed” contest for those who dress up in costume according to the party’s theme. Other fun ideas could be to give prizes for things like “longest note held,” “loudest singer,” or “best dance moves.”

    Whatever you do, just make sure it’s something that will get everyone excited and participating in the fun.

  • #4 Choose a safe & professional environment
  • Karaoke parties are often too adult-oriented and usually hosted after hours at bars. So you must find a safe and controlled environment to host your karaoke party, especially when kids are involved.

    We recommend renting a private karaoke room rather than searching for an all-ages watering hole to host a party. This way, you can have complete control over the environment and ensure everyone feels safe and free to let out their inner rockstar!

    Good news for you, Songbird Karaoke has private suites that can host small and large groups with everything you need to ensure your party is successful. These suites will ensure that only the people you invite are in your room to ensure everyone is comfortable and you’re in total control.

  • #5 Relax and have fun!

Parents often get so caught up in ensuring everything is perfect for the kids that they forget to enjoy themselves.

So our final tip is this: Relax and have fun. After all, that’s what karaoke is all about!

If you follow these tips, we’re confident you’ll be able to throw a party that both kids AND parents will enjoy.

Next steps
Throwing a successful karaoke party takes some planning—but it’s worth seeing how much fun your kids (and parents) have when everything comes together perfectly.

By following these simple tips, you can throw a karaoke party that will be a hit by both the kids and adults.

You also don’t have to plan this all on your own. Songbird Karaoke hosts lots of events like these and can help you create the perfect kid’s karaoke party.

Start planning today!

***This is a guest post from Brad Johnson. Brad is a musician and producer from Southern California. When he isn’t spending time with his wife and kids at the beach, he is helping songwriters and musicians at Song Production Pros.

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