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It’s Time to Uncover Your Hidden Karaoke Objections

Can you believe there are some people who have objections to karaoke? That there are actually even some people who have never sang karaoke?

We see you! And it’s okay.

But we are wondering why you haven’t been to visit us yet. We came up with some thoughts on what might be holding you back and even better, thoughts on satisfying those objections!

  • I’m embarrassed to sing in front of people.
  • This one is understandable. However, at Songbird Karaoke you only sing with people you bring. You don’t have to sing in front of any strangers. You don’t have to wait to sing your song. You won’t be heckled off the stage! Here you sing in your own private suite. It’s amazing!

  • It seems expensive.
  • Our prices are really not expensive! It’s only about $10 per person. Also, we’re BYOB so you don’t have to be worried about expensive drinks to purchase!

  • I don’t have a bunch of people to bring.
  • No problem! You can bring as little as two people. In fact, we’ve had a number of people visit us ALL alone! Yep, they come in and sing all by themselves.

  • There won’t be any songs to sing that I like.
  • What? We have over 36,000 songs in our database. You can definitely find MANY songs you will want to sing! You can check them all out in advance too. Download our app to see, it’s easy!

  • I might love it and want to come every week.
  • Ah, now that’s the best objection we’ve heard so far, lol. It’s not a problem though we’re here EVERY week and we’d love to see you on a regular basis!

Do you know of any other objections to karaoke? We’d love to hear them so we can STOMP them out immediately!

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