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Impress Your Boss with These Secrets!

Impress your boss – it’s tough to do. But your boss can’t deny the benefits of great teamwork. When everyone is working together, in harmony things just flow. Results happen. Success is easy. It comes seemingly without effort.

But how do you get there?

You have to build the team. All those personalities need to come together as one unit. A great way to expedite this flow is through team building events. Now there are many options to create amazing team building. You know a lot of them, I’m sure. You probably also recognize that karaoke is the best team building opportunity under any circumstance. However, there’s more to a team building event than just the location and activity. You didn’t guess I was going to say that I’ll bet.

Secrets for Team Building Events

So let’s get to those secrets!

  • What’s the Goal
    Before even thinking about the actual event, decide what the goal of the event is. This drives everything from location to activities to timing to food and beverages.

    Do you want the event to only promote team building – maybe a ropes course?
    Do you want the event to be informative – maybe an off-site meeting?
    Do you want the event to increase team bonding – maybe a local happy hour?
    Do you want the event to handle more than one of these items – maybe karaoke is best then!

  • Leadership Involvement
    Whatever you decide, be certain you have the go-ahead from your leadership team. Not only because they are footing the bill but also because it is more fun and increases the chances of positive results. If the leaders aren’t buying in, then why would anyone else on the team?
  • Enlist Influencers
    No matter what you choose, there are always a few negative outlooks. Don’t let that get you down. Hit them up first to gain their buy-in or better yet, make them part of the organizing committee.

    Also, it’s a good idea to have the most outgoing on the team involved. They can talk up the event and gain a more enthusiastic outlook from all.

    Be sure you’re building the hype too. Think about any objections prior and have an answer ready to go. Talk positively about the event long before it happens.

  • Draw In Not Drive Away
    The idea is to entice people to want to come but always leave a little surprise. Let them know too that there may be something special happening. Just be sure you have something – don’t oversell, of course, but a little secret always piques people’s interest!
  • Collect Feedback
    After the event occurs, be certain to get feedback from the team. This can only help to improve your next team building event!

What’s Next

Now that you have the most important details covered, get on with the easy part – selecting your event. At Songbird Karaoke, we have a few options for you! And, it’s so simple to book your karaoke team building event! Head right to the Book a Corporate Event button to reserve your most amazing karaoke team building NOW!

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