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How to Create the Most Memorable Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette party time? Let’s have some fun!

A bunch of girlfriends getting crazy to celebrate the happiness one of their besties. What could be better?

Not much, but it does require a bit of planning to be sure you create the most memorable bachelorette party!

There are so many great ideas to do for the party (ESPECIALLY KARAOKE AT SONGBIRD – did we say that?) so we’re not going to list a bunch of things around that. Besides you already know the very best idea (KARAOKE AT SONGBIRD – there we go again!).

There’s more than just the venue though.

Here are a few other things to consider for the most memorable bachelorette party:

  • Plan ahead:
    Don’t wait till the last minute, especially if you are inviting a bunch of people. Securing a good date for most usually takes some time.
  • Plan for transportation:
    Thinking ahead about transportation saves everyone a lot of headache and heartache. Planning for this can take away a lot of risks and ensure everyone gets there and gets home safely.
  • Plan to introduce people:
    In most cases, many different friend groups come together to celebrate the bride. It’s a nice touch to introduce people to one another and increases the chances that everyone will have a good time. It also takes some pressure off the bride. If all the groups are interacting, she doesn’t have to babysit each of them.
  • Plan a theme or not:
    Themes can be fun but they’re not for everyone. Be sure to at least consider it. If you decide no, not a problem. If you decide yes, be sure the bride is on board but don’t be discouraged if not everyone wants to participate. It can still be fun!
  • Plan to reserve your spot early:
    There’s nothing worse than deciding everything and then finding out what you want isn’t available. Okay, there are some worse things but this one is super annoying. Don’t be annoyed. Check the venue, transportation, hotel, etc. and plan accordingly.
  • Plan the budget and who is paying for what ahead of time:
    There’s nothing worse than footing the bill for the whole party. No really, this one is the worst! Plan ahead and be sure everyone can chip in accordingly.
  • Plan to take care of the bride:
    This one usually happens naturally but take it into consideration. You don’t want the bride on her own on this very special night and you want to be sure she gets to spend some time with each group of friends.
  • Bonus!

  • Plan on what you want to sing:
    Wait, what, you’re having the bachelorette party at Songbird?! Wow, you are going to have a great time. Here’s a bonus planning tip. We have an app you can download ahead of time. This way you can pick a few of the bride’s favorites (or yours) and be prepared to sing immediately when you arrive. Maximize, baby!

Now get to planning and have the BEST time ever!

Need a little more help? Here’s a nice checklist!

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