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It’s Been Awhile Since You Hit Those High Notes but We’re Here to Help You Get Your Voice Back!

Get Your Voice Back!

Based on everything that’s happened in our world, singing karaoke may not have happened much for you in the past weeks. Well, let’s change that and get you back in the “sing” of things!

Here are some great tips to get your voice back in shape.

  • Warm Up Those Vocals

    First things first, let’s just start using that voice again. Put on some music and belt out some songs. Don’t worry about how you sound just go for it.

    Now, once your voice remembers its purpose, it’s time to take on some real voice warm-ups! Here are some great exercises. I mean with names like the Lip Bubble and the Tongue Roll, you’ll want to do these whether you sing or not!

  • Prep Your Throat

    Remember to give your throat a little TLC (tender, love, and care – but if you went straight to the group TLC, we’ve got lots of songs by them!). Maybe try some hot tea with honey. That combines two great throat helpers in one. Of course, there’s always throat spray or lozenges.

    And, don’t forget your lips. Obviously, not your throat area but you want to be sure you keep them in good shape too!

  • Stay hydrated

    Always important to stay hydrated in just about every situation but while singing it’s critical! The recommended amount of water per day is between 11-16 cups. Are you even close? Go drink some water right now!

  • Practice in the Shower

    Speaking of water, let’s get to singing in the shower! It’s great practice (see above) and everyone sounds better in there! Put on your favorite karaoke tunes and get busy belting it out! Don’t have so much fun you forget to soap and shampoo, that should remain your primary goal!

  • Remember Your Vowels

    Now while you’re practicing, remember to pay attention to annunciating your vowel sounds – that’s where the real singing happens. This is the area that can trip you up most on the karaoke stage. You got the beat, the lyrics, you’re killing it and then you get to the tricky part in the song with a bunch of vowels strung together (which are most words) and you’ve messed up the entire performance. Not here!

    Check these cool vowel exercises to consider!

  • Don’t Forget It’s Not All About the Singing

    Okay, maybe you’ve got the voice down, maybe you don’t. There’s more to singing than just singing!!

    You can always work on perfecting your hair flip. Of course, huge hair makes a bigger statement but just the hair flip movement can make the crowd go wild!

    There is always the addition of dance moves. A few choice steps can make all the difference in your karaoke performance!

    Finally, consider playing your air instruments. Many songs have a few bars of an instrumental break. Play the drums, guitar, bass, even keyboards. These small moves can take your song to the next level.

What are you waiting for…book your karaoke suite now and then get practicing!

**Please note, we are not singing teachers, coaches, or trainers. We are a karaoake venue who is here to help you have fun and enjoy life.
We are in no way proposing any of our advice should be used in any way except for fun! Except for the hair flip, we are completely serious about that!**

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