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Get To Know Songbird Karaoke

Get to know Songbird Karaoke!

Visiting a new place can be somewhat stressful, particularly if you are the person in charge of planning a special event! So we want to help ease your stress-level when you have your amazing event here.

Here is everything you can expect when you visit Songbird Karaoke.

How to Book

We have an amazing booking system that allows you to make your reservation online! All you need to know is how many guests are coming, what date, and what time you want your reservation to begin! The system will show you everything!

We ask you a few more questions about food and such, then you enter your credit card number (completely private and secure). We ask that because we take a 50% nonrefundable deposit to hold your time slot!

Then you need to read the terms and agree to them. Just so you know all the details, like we’re BYOB but no hard alcohol and we don’t allow ANY confetti or powder balloons and you can download our music app ahead!

Finally, we send you an email. Be sure to check that out to make sure all the date, time, etc. information is correct. You might be surprised how many times people enter the incorrect information.

Where to Park

There are lots of places to park. Right on Haddon Ave. for one! You can park most anywhere on Haddon (assuming there’s not a yellow line on the curb). You just have to pay for parking – yes, even on Sunday. The cool news is you can download the parking app ahead of time. Then it’s super easy to take care of without having to find one of those pesky kiosks!

If you can’t find a spot on Haddon Ave., we have a few lots available. If you drive down Irwin Ave., which is 1/2 block from Songbird there is a pay lot, which usually has lots of available parking. If not, at the end of Irwin to the left is free parking at the PATCO lot, which is extensive.

Speaking of PATCO, we’re only a few blocks away so that’s always an option if you don’t want to drive!

Get in the Door

We are located at 790 Haddon Ave. in Collingswood. Our entrance has two black columns and there’s a little portico to the double doors leading into Songbird Karaoke!

We mention this only because a few people get confused and ring the doorbell of the private entrance to the right of our doors and display window. That door is black and marked private. It is a private entrance so please don’t try there or ring the bell, just go right to the big double doors!

Check In

When you walk through the doors, you will be greeted by the Songbird Karaoke crew! We’re here to help you and may seem really excited to see you because we are! We will ask to hold a credit card. It doesn’t matter which one but we like to have one just in case there’s any issue with the equipment.

We’ll also ask you if we can bill the card on file. You can change the form of payment if you like and then we’ll take care of it all at the end of your event.

We’ll ask you if you’d like to upgrade to our Songbird Karaoke glasses 😉 and if you need ice (that’s free). We’ll also ask you if you want to upgrade to GLOW, where we turn on the black lights and give you all kinds of GLOW sticks. Of course, you don’t have to do that.

Then we’ll tell you about our rewards program. This is so cool…you can add your email to our fun fishbowl for a chance to win a $100 gift card – so much fun! And we’ll remind you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

We’ll remind you not to hang anything on the walls or bring confetti/powder anything in to your suite (trust us they are a mess!).

This seems like a lot, but it all just takes a minute.

Suite Check In

Now it’s time to FINALLY get to your very own, private, most amazing suite! We’ll show you the restrooms (you may need a rest, lol). Once in the suite, we’ll go through how to use the iPad, show you the tambourines, mics, mic covers, cups, coat hooks, and light dimmer.

Then you get to singing!

Getting Hungry

If you get hungry (lots of singing can do that), we have the menu on the iPad (or QR code on the back of the door). Once you know what you want just pop our of your suite and let us know! We’ll order it and bring it right to you along with all the plates, napkins, condiments, and utensils you need. Yum!

Time to Leave, Already

Now, about 15 minutes before you’re time is up, we’ll come back with a quick knock on the door and let you know! You can tell us you’re extending then or you can pop out after a quick discussion with your singing mates. When your time is up, we’ll come back to collect all the things and you can be on your way! No clean-up necessary, we take care of it all!

Saying goodbye

Now, before you run out, we’d love to get your pic (you might know, we do post them on social media!). We’ll settle up any final payments with you. We’ll give you your credit card back (remember we’re holding it) and we’ll give you a review card. We love those 5 star reviews. Don’t forget about the contest – enter your email for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Now we’ll miss you but we hope to see you again soon!

But, we just can’t live without you so tomorrow we’ll send you a follow up email just to be sure everything went well during your visit. Feel free to communicate with us any time!

Get to know Songbird Karaoke!

Did we do it? Do you feel like you know what to expect? We hope that helped but as always, if you have ANY questions, send us an email to or give us a call at 856.869.7464.

To note, this was for one of our regular suite bookings. We will be doing another post about what to expect when you book a party package with us! Look forward to that soon!

Also, remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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