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You Got the Engagement Ring – Time to Plan Those Bridal Events!

Getting married is such an exciting time but there are so many bridal events to plan, so many decisions to make. That list gets very long.

Now, while you’re planning all the important stuff you have to remember the super fun stuff too.

We’re here to help with all your bridal events!

Engagement Party

Let’s get started on the right foot! How about celebrating that big proposal with a karaoke party. Can you see it now? Your friends and family singing up a storm while honoring the upcoming big day. You can do that here. It’s the perfect way to begin your journey down that road to matrimony.

Bachelorette Party

Now, as you might guess, we make a great place to have your bachelor or bachelorette party! If you’re thinking of a small get together we have the perfect suite for that. Thinking about a bigger party, we’ve got you covered. Our midsize suite can accommodate up to 18 guests. If you’ve really got a huge party, then consider our large suite which allows up to 60 of your closest friends to celebrate. And don’t forget, to add to the fun, add GLOW – everything will stand out, especially you!

Bridal Shower

What? Have the bridal shower at karaoke? Yaaasss! Let’s be honest, sitting around and watching someone open presents just isn’t that fun. But, you can infuse some fun into the whole event with karaoke! Don’t worry, we have a database of over 33,000 songs. You can find something for Granny, Aunt Mable, and even your little niece Emma.

Rehearsal Dinner

Are you interested in changing things up a bit? Why not consider hosting your rehearsal dinner at Songbird Karaoke. After all that hard practice for the big day, there’s no better way to let loose and get all those nerves out than singing karaoke! We have a full catering menu (check it out here).

Now how are those for some fun ideas for your bridal events? If you want more information or have ANY questions, please contact us! You can send an email to or give us a call at 856-869-7464 or just go online and it book it right NOW!

PS – We’ve also had multiple couples get engaged right here at Songbird Karaoke. The fun never stops around here!

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! We’re going to be attending some upcoming bridal shows with give-aways so be on the lookout for that.

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