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Top 4 Budget-Friendly Tips for Throwing a Bachelorette Party

Top 4 Budget-Friendly Tips for Throwing a Bachelorette Party
**Please enjoy our guest post from Trent Curry!**

Everyone loves bells and whistles when it comes to weddings. As Budget Savvy Bride notes, you may be surprised to learn you can have a smashing bachelorette party on a budget (and no one will even know you didn’t overspend – not even the bride. Promise!). Spending less can also mean there is more to spend to make your bestie’s festivities even more magical.

Here are four tips to make the bachelorette party stand out on a budget:

Spend on What’s Important
Let’s say you want a destination bachelorette event, but it’s not really in the budget. Consider what’s important to you and put the bulk of your cash toward that item.

Have you thought about a fun and exciting trip for the girls at a major theme park like Disney?

It’s possible to get plenty of discounts and special offers to keep the cost down. Find out how to rent or buy Disney Vacation Club points that will allow you to choose a resort and plan out your itinerary, including where to stay.

In most cases, the hotel is the most expensive part of your party, so look at alternatives. For example, of the 5,000-plus apartments in Philadelphia, many complexes offer large common spaces for event rentals. If you’re lucky enough to have access to one, it might be a great place to host your party.

That said, if you have your heart set on the beach, spend your cash on plane tickets to get there—and let the sand and surf be the attraction. You can also go dry, since alcohol can get incredibly expensive, or ask the rest of the girls to cover their drinks if they want them.

Forget Boring Nights In
Inevitably, a few of your party will want to retire early. For anyone who’s not too exhausted to enjoy on-going entertainment, a movie or some music is the perfect mood-setter for a fun evening of bonding with your best friends. The problem is that hotel pay-per-view channels and movies can be outdated and expensive.

At the same time, many hotels are now incorporating smart TVs into their rooms. For customers, that means better connectivity. And bringing along a streaming device gives you access to tons of movies and TV episodes. You can even use it to play music and look at your photos.

Why not create your own playlist for the party? Focusing on being with your friends and listening to your favorite tunes on speakers you bring along will help make those memories last. The right background music will set the tone, whether you flavor the event with classic rock, country tunes, slow jazz or the latest hits. Better yet, set up a karaoke event with Songbird Karaoke!

Skip the Event
Rather than jam-pack an itinerary with organized activities, host a low-key event without a lot of checklists. For example, think about doing a sleepover with your best girlfriends. The Knot points out that you can have a “spa night” theme by doing manis, pedis, and facials—stores often have all of the girls’ night supplies you need for cheap, and you can look online for coupons and cash back offers that will help you save even more.

Also, make sure you have a powerful and reliable internet connection for all the electronics your friends bring and the entertainment you want to have. Don’t let music or videos buffering or smartphones losing their charge be a downer to your party!

Focus on the Big Day
A wedding-related event should be an exciting time filled with fun, family, and friends. Don’t let the pressure of having a huge and expensive bachelorette party put a damper on the plans. Instead, use these budget-friendly tips to reign in the cost of the bachelorette party, so you can focus on helping the bride prepare for the wedding day.

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