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Where to Have the BEST Baby Shower

Deciding where to have the best baby shower can be a daunting task. Bringing all those people together to celebrate the birth of this new little life should be fun and exciting so the venue needs to be perfect.

We’ve got some great ideas for you (and they are not ALL related to having it at the BEST karaoke place – although it could be one). Onto the list of baby shower venue ideas!

  • A Quaint Tea Room
  • This is such such a sweet idea. Having a baby shower in a tea room seems like the most pure and innocent way to celebrate the new baby.

    Check out Jane’s Tea House in Haddon Heights as an option. It’s a precious place with lots of catering options too!

  • A Favorite Restaurant
  • Having the baby shower in a favorite restaurant is a great idea since you know you’ll love the food! Many restaurants have space options to accommodate large group events. Also consider having the party at an off-peak time so the place can better meet your needs.

    Check out Bistro diMarino or Villa Barone as two great options in Collingswood!

  • Check the Old Favorite Country Club
  • This is where lots of baby showers have been held and where they’ll be continue to be held. It’s true because that type of venue just works. It’s a nice space, usually big enough to hold a large crowd comfortably with beautiful surrounding views.

    Have you seen The Legacy Club at Woodcrest in Cherry Hill? It’s really a nice space.

  • Rent an Air BnB
  • Renting an Air BnB may be something you never thought of but you can find a super, cool place to make that shower memorable. The really cool part is you can make a night of it, stay over, and continue the party in the morning or create a special morning retreat for the mom-to-be.

    There’s Air BnB and don’t forget about Vrbo too!

  • A Charming Winery
  • This one is a little different because, of course, the new mommy can’t drink any of the wine but many of these wineries are just gorgeous. They make a lovely backdrop for the baby shower!

    Take a look at Renault Winery. They even have a hotel on property and it’s beautiful!

  • Get Active at an Art Studio
  • Why not add an activity into the mix with something fun like painting. You can eat, open gifts, and create a special memento so everyone will remember this special day.

    The perfect place to get your paint on is Pinot’s Palette in Cherry Hill.

  • Saving the Best for Last SONGBIRD KARAOKE
  • Songbird Karaoke is the BEST place for the baby shower! We have amazing catering options, we’re BYOB and we add the perfect element of fun!

    Do you need more information? Let us know what questions you have – email us, call us 856-869-7464, or book your baby shower reservation now!

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