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5 Unique Times You Need to Sing Karaoke

What are the 5 unique times you need to sing karaoke?

Well, there are so many times you need to sing karaoke but we’re limiting our list to five right now. We do reserve the right to offer additional ways in the future. Here is our initial list!

#1 Unique Time to Sing Karaoke

Birthday Celebration

Okay, granted this one is not so unique. However, we had to add it just to be sure everyone knows having a birthday party at Songbird Karaoke is just about the best birthday ever! We have super, cool party packages that make it even more special. You’ll get decorations, snacks, drinks, and more! Don’t forget there are tons of birthday song options to serenade the person of honor!

#2 Unique Time to Sing Karaoke

Bachelorette Party

Oh yes, karaoke kicks up any bachelorette party to the perfect level. We’re BYOB (beer and wine) and you can add food if you’d like too. Everyone feels comfortable at a karaoke birthday party and the after photos won’t ever be TOO embarrassing, lol. We even have a specialized decoration package to make it even more special for that bachelorette!

#3 Unique Time to Sing Karaoke

Baby Shower

Can we be honest with each other for a quick minute? Baby showers are boring. Yes, we try to increase the fun with games and the like but…still, boring. Now, you know what will make them more fun, no, not one more diaper game. It’s karaoke, of course! In between eating and drinking let’s sing some songs. Let’s dedicate them to the little one. Let’s get that mother-to-be having a good time!

#4 Unique Time to Sing Karaoke

COVID Reunion

Now this is one that has been happening on the regular for the past few weeks and I can only guess it will continue, that fun reunion when you can finally see each other again. Your family, your friends, all of them. After such a long absence, coming together to sing karaoke is the just the thing you need. You can book just an hour but we can almost guarantee you’ll extend for another and maybe a few more after that!

#5 Unique Time to Sing Karaoke

When You Need a Pick-Me-Up

This past year has been hard. So many, days… If you’re feeling a little bit down and need a pick-me-up, karaoke is the way to go. Come into our private suite and belt it out! Get all those emotions out! We have over 36,000 songs to choose from so you can pick a ballad, a pop song, or rap it out! We’ve even had people come in all by themselves. It’s therapeutic and fun!

There are our top 5 times you NEED to sing karaoke. Are you ready to make your reservation? We’re here for you!

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