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Hidden Treasure!

When you are renovating an old building, one of the cool things that everyone discusses is the hidden treasures you might find when tearing down those walls.

We couldn’t wait to start ripping things down to see all the gems that were waiting to be discovered, especially in a super secret Masonic hall.

Let me be right up front, the title of this article is better than the actual finds.

Total let down, right? Sorry. Trust me, I wish it were more exciting news too! But, let me show you what we did find…it is still cool.

First, in the upstairs part of the building, we took down pieces of the ceiling so we could just get a preview of beyond the dropped ceiling. Look what they stuffed up there (probably as insulation)

How cool is it that the picture of the guy is an actual Mason?

Also, I know I’m showing my age but when I was a little girl, my grandmother used to take me to Grant’s every Saturday (think of an old-time Target). It made me so happy to see that ad – and how about a toaster for ONE dollar! And, how about that headline from December 1938 – that is awesome! Not only did the newspapers have tons of dirt on them, if you handled in the slightest, they fell to pieces.

I think we can agree, it’s not a missing Van Gogh painting but it’s pretty cool.

Next up, when we removed one of the interior walls, we found the original exterior wall. Check it out.

Unfortunately, the brick was in a bad state and we just couldn’t use it in the new design.

Finally, we did find two secrets rooms. Ones that were totally sealed off and the only way we knew they were there was because we are removing so many walls. Unfortunately again, no real treasure. We did find a cross that you would put lights in and a few letters of the same make but we gave them to one of the Masons who came for a visit.

I told you the title was a bit more exciting than the actual finds but still fun and that’s what it’s all about!!


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